In the development of water stabilization technologies and technical support of implemented water treatment programs, TechnoChemReagent includes the following activities in the scope of work:

  • Providing technical advice on water treatment, water treatment, peculiarities of reagents application and reports on the results of systems with PuroTech reagents
  • Issuance of technical documentation (instructions, regime cards for the operation of equipment during the use of reagents)
  • Provision of safety data sheets and descriptions for the reagents supplied;
  •  Training of the Customer’s engineering, technical and working personnel in the specifics of reagent treatment;
  • Technical support with visits to the Customer’s enterprise by representatives of TechnoChemReagent with the issuance of reports and recommendations.


survey and development of the water-chemical regime of boilers and cooling water recycling systems

selection of reagents for corrosion protection of power and heat exchange equipment, pipelines and communications

selection of reagents to protect against the formation of mineral deposits of various kinds

inspection of return cooling systems (closed and open) for microbiological contamination

selection of detergent compositions and washing of heat exchange equipment, reverse osmosis membranes, ultrafiltration units

selection, delivery and adjustment of measuring and automation equipment, including dosing pumps