TechnoChemReagent is a member of the international group “Water Group”, which operates in the field of preparation, purification and support of reagent treatments of various water systems.

At its own production base in Zaporizhzhia, using modern equipment, warehouses, and a laboratory, TechnoChemReagent produces a wide range of highly effective reagents registered under the PuroTech trademark, manufactured under license and exclusive technology of the English company B&V Water Treatment. Highly qualified engineers, workers, and laboratory technicians with special professional training in the chemical industry are engaged in the production of reagents.

TechnoChemReagent purchases raw materials for the production of reagents directly from manufacturers, carefully selecting suppliers of only high-quality products. Incoming control of raw materials is carried out by our own laboratory, certified by IQNET for compliance with the international standard ISO 9001-2015.

TechnoChemReagent is actively engaged in foreign economic activity, purchasing raw materials in England, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, China, Poland, Italy, France and other countries. Our products are supplied to enterprises in Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Georgia, Armenia…

The technical specialists representing our company are highly qualified in the field of water treatment and have the appropriate professional training. For each enterprise, our technologists will individually develop a program for the use of reagents, ensure its implementation and technical support for the entire period of reagent use.

They will develop, propose and implement the necessary analytical control methods, measuring instruments and automation of reagent treatments, as well as industrial production stages for your company.

To organize technical support and provide the necessary services, TechnoChemReagent has technical representatives and offices in Kyiv, Dnipro, and Odesa. The company has official representatives in Moldova, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries, to whom it provides full technical support.

Areas of our activity:

1. Development, production and implementation of reagents for:
– providing stabilization water treatment of return cooling systems;
– Corrective water treatment;
– inhibition of corrosion and scale formation;
– protection of boilers and steam and condensate tract, including when steam comes into contact with foodstuffs;
– cleaning of equipment from deposits;
– ensuring reliable operation of reverse osmosis plants;
– wastewater treatment at enterprises of various industries;
– biocidal and biodispersant water treatment.

2. Development, production and implementation of disinfectants and detergents for various industries. 

TechnoChemReagent is always guided by an individual approach to each partner.